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The Three Cs of Pomades

Pomade Culture from a Girl's Perspective

There have been exactly three times that I have encountered pomade, in those times, it stuck to me and in every instance, I felt that an identifier was in order. Incidentally, all words started with the letter C, and this is a rundown of what I think about pomade based on some events in my life.


About 11 years ago when I was 23 years old, I met one of my closest colleagues. We bonded because he was one of the more matured men I have encountered. Our jobs required us to stay out late and so we used to tell each other our childhood stories. One of the stories that I distinctly remember was how his grandpa would tell him to go to the store to buy him pomada. And I said, “Pomada? The fruit?”, he laughed at me and said, it’s what people used on their hair before the hair gel. Ever since then, I would reference pomada to anything classic.


Fast-forward to 4 years ago when I decided to have my long, curly hair chopped off and get a pixie cut. Naturally, I would want a hair product that will make sure that my hair will perfectly complement my pair of chinky eyes and 5-foot-1, 100-pound frame. I asked for a recommendation from my stylist and he recommended a ridiculously-priced jar of wax. It’s pomade for men, he says, but it’s going to do justice to your pixie cut. He was right. I then associated pomade to a luxury that people would invest in so they can maintain a clean and classy look. It may be expensive, but I guarantee it’s all worth it.


So a couple of months ago when I was having lunch with my boyfriend, I smelled something tangy-sweet – the kind that you would search where it’s coming from. Apparently, he’s wearing strawberry-scented pomade, and then I came closer and it smelled so good I was close to swooning. I realized, this is somewhat similar to men’s colognes or deodorant, where it adds to the guy’s confidence. Needless to say that it builds character.

I am impressed that something this trivial can do something to drastically change someone’s image or other people’s perception of people. Then suddenly, it’s not so trivial anymore. Pomade has made a strong comeback and for more reasons than one, it’s here to stay.

Micci Lopez is one of the best digital marketers in the business. And she drives a stick, so she an probably kick your ass driving too.

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