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5 Of The Best Locally Made Pomades For Your Hair

Slick it back tight, bro!

Every man wants to look presentable, and part of that look is his hair. Fortunately, grooming products, specifically made for men, have been making the rounds on counters and shelves these past few years, making the papogi routine easier and more accessible. One of the most popular choices: pomade!

With a number of pomades being sold in the market, we're sure you're having a hard time picking one. To make your shopping easier, we rounded up some of the best, locally made pomades that will make you proud of being Pinoy and will make your hair look handsome AF.

1) Man Pomade PH

Around P300 to P400 per piece

Man Pomade PH grips your hair just like wax, yet, it can wash out easily once you take a shower. Their water-based pomade will give you the absolute hold that you want to achieve, while providing your hair with a decent shine. Use this to give your modern slicked back undercut hairstyle some volume, or to style your hair in a pompadour or in a quiff. Choose from any of these variants: Classic, Rock, Stun, Hard Head, and Suav. Available in 50 grams and 100 grams.

2) The Maverick Pomade

Around P200 to P300 per piece

The Maverick Pomade is an all-natural hair styling product, made from locally-sourced ingredients. It provides a light hold with a high shine. Since it's concentrated, you only need a little amount to go a long way. Added bonus: it shampoos out easily. It comes in 4 uniquely different choices: Scent Number 1 (Fresh Bamboo), Northerner (Olive Mint), Captain (Watermelon), and The Ninth (Green Tea). Available in 40 grams and 100 grams.

3) Grasa Pomade

P250 for 40 g

If you're sporting a mohawk or spikes, this brand provides a medium hold that are perfect for these styles. Plus, your girl will truly enjoy its yummy scents: Vanilla, Bubble Gum, Choco Caramel, Perfume, Cologne, Strawberry, and Green Apple. Not very punk rock, but at least you'll score those brownie points.

4) Slicktight Hair Pomade

P300 for 60 g

This one works best if you’re aiming for the sleek, polished look. Whether you have the curliest or the thickest hair, this one will maintain your mane. Choose from Skool Cola, Mint, Bubblegum Bastard, Strawberries & Cream, Vanilla Sandalwood, Sport, and Aqua.

5) Eight Wolves

P250 for 50 g

Hand-poured and home-brewed, oil-based Eight Wolves Pomade spreads well into your hair, but still keeps it soft and smooth for easy styling. The formula is strong enough that your hair will remain in place all day, even if you’ve got a baseball cap over it. The packaging also looks slick AF.

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