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Life and Times of a Newly Minted Pomade Junkie

Pomade Junkie

I'll be honest. People do not really associate me with rugged good looks.

I'm short, a bit on the chubby side (read: fat) and I walk funny. People do say that I'm the nicest guy they have ever met but that's a different story altogether.

What I do have however is really great hair. I'm glad that my side of the family is not predisposed to baldness or I would like a cross of Danny Devito and Roderick Paulate. My hair is thick and just long enough to play with and not too curly - just a great head of hair.

Naturally, that makes me a bit vain about my hair and believe me when I say that I've done quite a lot with my hair already. I've gone through a David Beckham phase when I tried out a mohawk, a short sporty cut and a quiff, all with great effect.

Also that makes me quite the hair product connoisseur. Believe me when I say that I've gone through the gamut of hair products. I've had Suave (greasy and it drips into your hair), that really hard Taiwanese Gel, and a whole slew of Bench clays, waxes and gels, but I've never really had much satisfaction with them.

Enter pomades. The first pomade I ever really owned was a Man Pomade Stun and for the first time, I was totally satisfied with the hair product. It held my hair in the style that I wanted but you could still run your hand through it. I was finally able to use a product that is exactly what I needed. The problem was the cost. It was just a bit too expensive for me.

Then I found out about Slick Tight Pomades through a friend. I tried out the Strawberry scent because hey, what guy wouldn't want strawberries in their hair? And it was awesome. Just the right kind of hold for my hair and more than half the cost of other pomades.

What's more, my wife loves it. She can't stop smelling my hair because she just loves strawberries.

And now, because of Slick Tight, my eyes have been opened. I discovered the pomade subculture, just a great community that simply loves pomade. I mean, this is a great bunch of people. Sharing tips, encouraging other pomade newbies like me, recommending pomades.

And I think that's why I've appointed myself as Slick Tight's ambassador to the pomade life. The culture is so great that I think it needs to be shared. I think more people should know how great pomades are and how inclusive the culture is.

That's why I'm asking you great people, to help me on this journey. Keep tabs on this space as we go through the pomade life together.

And maybe, just maybe, we'd find a great new world to discover.

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