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Like their granddads, guys now using old-school pomade

It’s all-natural and water-based–even scented.

By: Shoun Nicholas David - @inquirerdotnet

Ever wondered how your grandfathers rocked that classy, slick hairstyle that made them look so cool and guwapo?

They used pomade, a hair styling product you apply to your slightly damp, newly washed hair. What makes it unique from other hair products on the market?

Unlike hair gels and wax, pomades are made of natural ingredients like beeswax, essential oils and others. Pomade also loosens up by the end of the day, making it easy for guys to comb their hair or wash off any residue.

While most commercial hairstyling products for men do their job nicely, they can be harsh, too, irritating the scalp after frequent use.


Curiosity led Froilan Llavore to develop Slicktight, an all-natural, water-based alternative to chemical-based hairstyling products. It took him two years to set up the business that started in his backyard.

Today, Llavore’s products are available in select stores and premium barbershops. Putting guys’ grooming needs first is the goal of this entrepreneur and his team. As such, his products—with their hip packaging and design, and names like All Skool All Firm, Strawberries & Cream, and Vanilla Sandalwood—are innovative and safe to use.

Recently, Slicktight launched Aqua, a premium collection of scented pomades.

In line with his team’s culture of kaizen (Japanese for “improvement”), Llavore is collaborating with a well-known pomade brewer from the United States to further improve his water-based products. He’s also planning an aggressive expansion of new products and placements. For now, though, his mission is to make Slicktight the grooming partner of Filipino men. —CONTRIBUTED

Call 09138207360; visit Slick Tight Pomade on Facebook and Instagram.

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