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SLICKTIGHT Pomade is new generation hair pomade that suits the needs of men. It is made out of natural ingredients which offer a healthier option to your hair and scalp. SLICKTIGHT offers a stronger hold and shinier finish to perfectly style your hair.

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SLICKTIGHT CO. LTD. is borne out of passion to develop a better hairstyling product in the market. Established in September 2014 as a backyard pomade brewer, after numerous test and failure, the brand formulated the right blend to address the needs of sophisticated users of pomade.

It is legally incorporated in July 2015 in Manila, Philippines. The company set its direction to greater heights. With the leadership of its owner, Froilan B. Llavore, it is geared towards expanding from pomade to grooming business. While its core will continue to be in the pomade business, it aims to launch new products that are aligned with the strategic directions of the company.

It is currently partnering with other stakeholders to strengthen the position of SLICKTIGHT as a brand.  Mr.Froilan Llavore told his team about the business of SLICKTIGHT CO. LTD. “We are not in the business of producing pomade but we are in the business of being the partner of men in expressing their own style.”



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